November 17, 2003



I know, I know...I threw off the entire schedule by failing to post the second immunity challenge Friday. I'll post it today along with a revised schedule, plus I'll make it up to you by saying funny things over at Anger Management. Anyway, here's Pylorns fairwell message.

* * *

Well I could say a lot of things, but I hold no grudges. I want to thank Don for allowing me to be on the game in the first place. My site is not as big as the others. Hell I didn't even get the site up and going until this last August; before that it was just a piece of crap for my friends and I to shoot the shit on. With the game, I merely wanted to beef up the spirit by commenting on peopleís sites and posting things on my site. I felt like I was a bit alone in my push for a really good idea as far as posting on people sites and mud slinging. I tried to provide a bit of entertainment, and thus.. kicked off the island. I guess I should feel good about it, meaning that I was the biggest threat to those involved.. but whose going to keep posting strange and unusual things? I must pass the torch to Jim. Don't let me down.

Jeff, I got nothing against you, fact is, I love your site. You're an excellent writer and you truly won the "Immunity" fair and square. I merely started slinging mud and kidding around, you took it to heart. Hell you even blocked me from posting on your comments. I never posted anything outrageous on your site just poking fun bud. Buck up. Its just a game donít take things so seriously. If you really are stoned and drunk 60% of the time, how can you be such an angry person?

Helen, well you made the smart move, I would have voted for myself too. You should feel bad though, voting me off instead of one of the others. :)

Emily, What can I say, I'm not a Democrat. So I don't bend over backwards for the green tree type groups. I do believe we should protect our environment, but I also know that moving the caribou and drilling for oil could help us out and help us become less dependent on the Middle East for oil. This of course raises many debates. One of which is that it is too costly to actually build another pipeline to the lower 48 states and that by the time it is all said and done, it
would only lower the cost of gas by a few cents per gallon. The argument is not the lowering of Gasoline; itís the argument of not being such a dependent nation on foreign oil. Next of course is the environmental concern. How will it affect the life around where they will drill? Alaska is big guys, the areas they are proposing to drill isn't much, we have to worry more about a Captain getting drunk and playing drunken slalom with the icebergs (GWH). As for cutting down trees, did you know that man has, at one point, cut down entire forests
and there were way, way fewer trees on the planet than there are today? Baby Seals? Well have you never clubbed one? You have to at least try it once! Was I crass in my comments sure, but it doesn't mean I won't support any of my arguments.

LeeAnn, like I said I nothing against you, your sites pretty cool, keep it up. I never assume, I look at the facts, you talked the least about it.. really I figured you were just a sleeper.. waiting for the right moment to strike. So I voted for ya.

Jim, like I said to Helen; you voted correctly. I would have voted for myself too. Well, maybe not but it sounds good. Just do me a favor and vote Jeff off next, just to spite him. Actually if you were smart, you'd vote a woman off first. Do you really want to be on an island with three women? Sure its every guys fantasy, and with these three it'd be everything it can be. But its not all peaches and cream. These sweet attractive women are cunning, devilish, and when you're least expecting they will strike. You know its true, a man and 3 women is a symphony for destruction. (don't answer that question, its a
catch 22 type question and they'll hold you to it)

And all of you remember, if this game goes like the real one, its up to all of the people voted off to decide who wins the prize at the end. Be careful what you say, you may regret it.

Pylorns (pi '3.14' + lorns)

"Even in the future, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour."

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So when're you going to start saying funny thing?

Posted by: Victor at November 18, 2003 04:04 PM

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