June 18, 2004

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Dizzy Girl says goodbye

Wow, I saw this one coming from a mile away. I'd like so say I'm shocked, but I'm not. I knew my head was on the chopping block, but i was praying for some sort of miracle. I thought maybe, if I got to know each of you better, that I might've been able to stay another week and continue playing the game. It seems that my attempts have rubbed one or two of you fine folks the wrong way. For that, I'm sorry. I was just trying the play the game the best way I could without hurting feelings with votes and blah blah blahgetty blah. Maybe I should've been meaner...grrr. ;)

Am I bitter? Hell yeah! Not because I wanted all of those prizes, because (1) I co-own a hosting company and have all the space one blogger needs, (2) I'm quite capable of redesigning my own site thank ya very much, and (3) I already have MT installed on my domain. So why exactly am I bitter? Because I thought I'd go a little further in the game. Well, that and the $15.00 Amazon gift certificate looked inviting.

My only consolation is that I get to reward someone those fine prizes and at the same time wreak vengeance on those who voted against me. Oh yes folks, that will count against you in the end. *evil laugh* I still love ya, but I just can't bring myself to give those goodies to those who booted me.

And in parting, I'd like to say thanks to my loyal readers who voted for my entries. I'd also like to thank those who didn't vote against me. You will be rewarded my friend either here or in the afterlife.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to collect my things and head back towards the mainland. Play nice chillens.


P.S. Those looking for Immunity votes have a lot of brown nosing to do damnit. :)

Posted by Pylorns at June 18, 2004 09:18 AM | TrackBack


Now that's what I'm talking about! When all the need to defensively suck up is flensed away like the blubber off a baby seal the real meat of contention may finally raise its well clubbed head.

(I just grossed myself out.)

Posted by: Jim at June 18, 2004 10:54 AM

Was that bitter enough? LOL. I was hoping to go out in fine form.

Posted by: Gennie at June 18, 2004 11:35 AM

Very fine form, indeed!

Posted by: Lynn at June 18, 2004 02:57 PM

You're still my favorite. ::lub::

Posted by: rachel at June 18, 2004 03:19 PM

ooo i can taste the bitterness from here... kinda scary actually.
things are gonna have to start to get mean around here...

Posted by: Lemurgirl at June 18, 2004 03:49 PM

So where's the next challenge? I'm going to be out all day, and I'm now going to lose a day because the challenge, that wasn't issued yesterday AS WAS SCHEDULED...hasn't been issued.

Is Don running this thing again? Sheesh.

Posted by: Victor at June 19, 2004 07:21 AM

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