May 11, 2004

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For the sake of keeping with the trend, most of the rules that Don originally wrote, which are excelent have been kept in place with a few modifications.

-All those who wish to participate must email their name/blog/email address to me by the assigned deadline (see schedule). Please use the subject line: "Count me in."

-Six names will be chosen at random to participate in the first season…but don’t worry…everyone in the blogosphere has a role.

-As the game progresses, players will be voted off “the island”. The goal is to be the last blogger standing…the survivor, one might say.

-The last blogger standing will win an assortment of Prizes later announced. So far a $15 gift certificate to Amazon.


-Each week (see schedule for details), I will post an immunity challenge. The winner of the challenge will, duh, gain immunity for that week. This means they cannot be voted out of the game, even if no one likes them. Also, the player who receives immunity still gets to vote for who they want to kick off the island.

-Those players who have not won immunity will have a chance each week to vote a player off the island. ONLY PARTICIPANTS CAN VOTE. The player who receives the most votes will no longer get to play.

-Votes will be submitted to me via email by the assigned deadline and will be posted to the blog. Please use subject line: MY VOTE

-You must state why you chose to kick whoever you vote for off the island.

-Votes will NOT be anonymous…so be careful, because…

-When there are only two players left, all those players who were voted off come back to vote for the winner.

-If you are voted off the island, you will be required to do an interview with me in which you cry and complain how it wasn’t fair. It. Just. Wasn’t. Fair.


-Immunity is cool. It means you can piss everyone off and they still can’t vote you off the island. But it’s tough to get. As I wrote above, each week, I will post an immunity challenge which you must complete by the assigned deadline. Sometimes these will be “objective” challenges which you either win or lose. Other times, they will be subjective. Since I don’t trust myself, all subjective challenges will be judged by the Blogosphere via a voting poll.

-To keep things fair, all subjective challenges will be posted anonymously until the voting is through. This implies that if you tell people which entry is yours, you are automatically disqualified…not just for that round either…I’ll kick your ass of the island!

-Since each immunity challenge is different, I will tell you by what means you will be submitting your entry when I post the challenge.

-If you win immunity, you can’t be voted off the island that week, but you still get to vote for who you want to kick of the island. Cool, huh?

-Obviously, once we’re down to two players, there will be no immunity challenge. Instead, you had better start sucking up to the other players since they will determine your fate.

Loose ends

-In the event of a tie, I will think of something.

-If you miss a deadline, either for an immunity challenge or for voting, you're S.O.L. unless you're dead. Then you really are S.O.L.

-Any player who misses two deadlines is automatically kicked off the island.

-All rules are subject to change for any reason whatsoever.

-Do whatever you need to win. Want to bribe your island mates with links? Even cash? Go ahead. Want to form secret or not-so-secret alliances? Go ahead. Whatever it takes. Just WIN!

-To keep non-participants interested, not only will you be voting on the immunity challenges, you will also be playing a role in carrying out those challenges. Details to come.

Let’s Roll

The Survivor game will take place primarily at Any activity that takes place offsite will be tracked and reported by me. However, I only have time to track the participants, so if you post something about the game, feel free to email me or leave a comment. My email is pylorns at wetwired dot org

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Six months late. Jumpin' Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, I thought Don was habitually late.

Posted by: Victor at May 12, 2004 01:48 PM

better late than never..

Posted by: pylorns at May 12, 2004 02:04 PM

I really would like to go on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Lisa Richeson at May 19, 2004 04:10 PM

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