May 14, 2004

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Survivor and Movable type 3.0...uh no.

Movable Type offers Developer 3.0 You have got to be kidding me! I run 3 separate movable type blogs at my site and mu has an uncanny amount. The pricing structure would cost a fortune for blogs like these. The smart thing to do is to drop the user cost to something acceptable and increase the business cost. I'm sorry personally I'm sticking to 2.66.

Here are the "features" you get with Movable type.
Download for Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition and Movable Type 2.661
Professional support from Six Apart
Ability to promote your site on the Movable Type "Recently Updated" list
Generous limits on weblogs and authors
Application updates and fixes (not including major upgrades)
A guaranteed path to future versions
Access to fee-based services such as installation, advanced support, other services

Ok so I don't need support that I can't get from the forum or other users. I don't need my site promoted and if I do then I'll promote it. I don't need advanced support or installation, I wouldnt want them touching my servers anyway. SO what do I get for my money???

Do I get a bug free software with new features?? Apparently NOT! What is new and worth me paying for this?

Emily goes on about this as well:

Just give me one good reason to upgrade. Why in the world would I pay $149 just to have less functionality than I already have with MT 2.661 for free? Honestly I don't understand the reasoning behind this. No new cool features? No spell checker? No delayed or scheduled posting feature? No new bells and whistles? Sure, if MT had implemented a licensing structure that rewarded me for upgrading to a paid license I would have considered it, but it just seems like I would pony up the cash and wouldn't gain a thing.

It's not so bad for me. I have three blogs and four authors, and as long as I stay with 2.661 I can can have as many blogs and authors I want. It's like they're trying to get me to trade in a Mercedes for a Corolla. What about all the group blogs like They have way more than 30 authors which means even the $699 license wouldn't meet their needs.

Thanks, but no thanks. Since when is it a smart business to give less product to paying customers? I don't expect to get a great product for nothing, but how about giving me something new to play with to make the money spent worthwhile? Give me something I can't already get for free.

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I completely agree that Six Apart has put its users in a very difficult position insofar as where to go from here, especially for people who don't have the cash for licensing. Even the big guys like Mark Pilgrim and Jason Kottke are turning away.

You might be interested in an entry I posted to my blog on this topic:

Posted by: Matthew Welty at May 15, 2004 06:24 AM

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