July 01, 2004

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Too Bad, So Sad..

Jimmie Says:
So we're down to two and unless something incredibly Victor-like
happens, my vote will decide who stays and who takes the Long Walk off
the Short Pier.

Hummm.....such power. Shall I use it for good or for evil?

Well, I'm going to have to use it to try my best to win. I have my
eyes on the prize(s) and really my vote comes down to which would be
the strongest challenge to beat me: Lynn or Lemur Girl?

So I'm voting off...

Lemur Girl.

It wouldn't have been bad to keep LG around. She's in the middle of
moving into a new place at the end of her college term, her on again
off again beau is away, she's busy. That would distract her plenty and
make her easy to gobble up in the last immunity challenge.

On the other hand, the Immunity Challenge isn't what determines who
wins at the end. The voting of my fellow islanders does. Lynn would be
better, I think, to keep around for that. She's been a tad bit harsh
in her vote-off comments for a couple of the members - specifically
Victor and Dizzy Girl. I think I can edge her out in the end vote.

That and I suspect that Lemur Girl kept having me scream and pass out
in her Challenges. Can't have anymore of that.

So Lynn stays and Lemur Girl has to board the Pylorns Express.

Lynn Says:
Well, I'm not going to pull a "Victor" and vote for myself so I have no choice but to vote for Lemur Girl. For the record, I liked her entry the best. She knows nothing about me but her portrayal of me was bang on. I still laugh every time I read it. Good luck Lemur Girl and may the best bikini win!

Lemur Girl Says:

I think you could've guessed this one. My vote this week goes to Lynn
(I'm sorry hun!) for the simple reason that Jimmie has immunity and
unlike Victor i have faith in my writing abilities and so therefore i'm
not going to vote for myself!

I suppose i could always vote Miguel (raah) off...

Lemur Girl, you are the weakest link.... goodbye.

Anyway, your goodbye letter is due to me tomorrow or over the weekend I'll post it on Friday, or over the weekend or...Monday.

Tomorrow I'll post the Tie Breaker Immunity Challenge. This will be used if and only if the judges tie in voting for the ONE true winner of Blogger Survivor. This is how it will work next week - we'll do the full Challenge and the open voting. THen the votes will be due from all of the previous contestants that were kicked off. I will post those votes and if I have to use the tie breaker, I will in order to announce the winner next friday.

I will be out of town/out of state this weekend and even on Monday but I'll be able to post (unless something crazy happens) from my remote location.

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Sorry Lemur Girl...I'll miss you!

Posted by: Lynn at July 1, 2004 02:16 PM

Same here. It just about came down to a coin toss.

Posted by: Jimmie at July 1, 2004 02:26 PM

Weird. I figure after her enthusiasm with the feathers and the llama, Lemur Girl'd be a shoe-in.

OTOH, Lynn did seem to enjoy being tied up. Anyway, welcome back to civilization!

Posted by: Victor at July 2, 2004 08:00 AM


Just managed to get a connection going kinda only to see you voted me off! Poo bum to you then!

And it was for your own good that i had you scream and pass out... you turned me into a wannabe pornstar!

Posted by: Lemurgirl at July 4, 2004 03:00 PM

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